Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Oi, that's my house!! Bushranger Wargaming in 28mm.

Oi, that's my house!! Bushrangers raid a homestead.

Young Fanny stands guard.
    With rumours flying about an imminent raid by the notorious Flynn brothers gang, young Fanny Grainger is keeping an observant eye on the surrounding countryside.

    Over near the convict station Papa Grainger is soliciting the help of Inspector Corner of VDL police and Mr Jeffries acting commander of the local militia (as Mr Trumpton has an in-growing toe nail).

    Hark!! What is this outrage, young Fanny has fired a warning shot, the dastardly bushrangers are attacking, run away!!

    As the Flynn brothers ransack the house other members of the gang put up a stout resistance to the on coming militia and red coats.

With bullets whistling by our heroes press on.
Soldier down, a (un)lucky shot strikes Private Perkins.

Even Inspector Corner is not spared the fusillade.

    As the attack is pressed home and two of the Flynn gang are wounded, young Fanny helps to keep the convicts covered to prevent runaways.

The Flynn gang make a sharp exit.

    The baddies are driven off but to what cost, one red coat and two militia men are dead and three wounded, two of the bushrangers are also wounded and the house has been thoroughly robbed, can anyone bring these men to justice!!!

Life returns to normal, but for how long............

The convicts lives go on as usual.

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